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In this amusing, perfectly adjusted existence Mr. All, the mans prototype, represents every single male role. And Mrs. Eachone does the same representing every single female role. Mr. Everyman is a serial product of technological progress. Cloned in large quantities like the 40 million Dutch cows descending from only one "breeding bull" and raised with the efficiency of factory farmed chicken which miraculously fill our plates with 1,5kg chickens after only 40 days. Mr.Everyman is an optimized, intelligent tool. He's the further development of the homo economicus and by far cheaper to build than any robot. The ability to act freely was taken from him only recently, since it turned out to be too stressful and keeping him from properly performing his assigned tasks.

Characters: They’re the key to develop our stories. Their own personalities and qualities deliver the first ideas that eventually are developed into a story.

The puppets are developed and constructed by us at our Berliner Atelier.
Their interior is a metallic articulated skeleton. For their exterior we use all kind of materials upon the film wanted aesthetic.